by The Deaf Hear

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songs half-written by mikael hattingh in 2007 and 2008.


released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


The Deaf Hear Melbourne, Australia

all these shitty songs by mikael hattingh.

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Track Name: Another Day
Another day somewhere off high up in the sky
And down below I see the clouds' shadows drifting by
Over and over this ever-quaking world
It spins around for You once more

As much as I would like to think my reflection tells a lie
Somebody else makes rendezvous with the mirror
And I begin to question my breathing
Track Name: In My Sleep
You arrive in my poem
When their eyes turn blind my way
I thought I'd let you go
I thought I begged you to stay?

I don't want to be here

Like a ghost in my house
Lonely as hell, quiet as a mouse
I'm alight! I'm on fire!
I'm alright, I'm a liar
(And everyone's happy)

I don't want to be here today
With the way it is every day

I don't want to be afraid
I'm losing my mind over time
I don't want to be alone
Its already dawned on me
You're already gone
Track Name: Pilgrims

Well poetry lies on a page between lines
But every word is untrue
Maybe these songs aren't the ones that should sing you to sleep?
Did I make you afraid when I took that fall?
Well thats what I love about you


No I can't explain why your smile is threatened by fear
If we had it our way we'd be miles away from here
Remember your dream, its kept me awake for so long
Its the promise for Him to keep
And the song to sing you to sleep,
Little girl
Track Name: Mulloon Creek
My eyes, they skip like stones
Across a river that no longer flows
Tired, weeping
I don't know what for
My wife had a name
I no longer recall

Not caring for the world outside of me
I take careful steps through the yard
Dead grass up to my knees
And that dead body has nothing, nothing to do with me
Track Name: Paper, Burn
Come here, my love
Come here, my love
Come here, my love

Take these words up in smoke
They know not the art of silence
Quietly die in a spider's curl
As all tomorrow's questions bridle

Know the wind for a moment
Promptly it will forget you
Never you mind why
Never will you see them blink the wet of you
Track Name: The Dandelions
Like by breath to a dandelion
The strong have drifted
To float without care by a breeze
Of sentencing whispers
Is foolishness I thought only for fools
Not him

As the reflector I fail to gather my emotions
To sheath them with words and lay them out like clothes
And I am made naked
With him
Track Name: Savannah
Playing out an older scene
In accommodating hearts
The whistle blows loud in our ears
Before the commotion can start

Your voice is a poison
Even still I enjoy it
Unruly, misleading

My hand presses harder
And the ink shows the prints
Papers read of the fire
That we blazed through the streets

My eyes are unfocused
Your sharp eyes like locust
For you, I would
For you, I could

For the love of God
Put your clothes back on
Here, take my coat
And if you so happen to slip out again
No one would know
No one would know
Track Name: That Poor Girl
She is born of herself
And of herself she is born
She is the mother of life
And mothered by another
In some other life

And there she lay awake
As she sleepily awaits
The morning's greetings
She is amazing
And she is amazed by the way in which
The day and the night trade shifts
The day and the night trade shifts

It silences the quiet
And it roars with the majesty of the lion
Behind its bars
And it finds its steps
On the pathway back to God

See these men they come, and these men they go
Whilst a little girl
No older than a little girl
Nurses a wound he had left in her side
And from this wound, restless beauty
No man could leave behind
No man could leave behind