by The Deaf Hear

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here are songs that capture 2012, recorded in various bedrooms.


released November 6, 2012

all songs by mikael hattingh, except for 'silly love' by daniel johnston
violin on 'i brought you a beautiful lemonade' by grace hattingh,
meows on 'cat lady (lazy jams)' by martin scorsese



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The Deaf Hear Melbourne, Australia

all these shitty songs by mikael hattingh.

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Track Name: At Eighteen
I watched the sunrise
Before I had slept
I saw out my window
To the left of my bed
The tall grass was bending
And the trees were still
As were the clouds with which
The sky was filled

No, nothing has captured my heart
The way those mornings would start

I looked through the dark
And followed her voice
It shuddered through a whisper
'I like this,' she said
Nothing could sound sweeter
From lips so coy
I felt her body teeter
On the brink of joy

No, nothing has captured my heart
The way those mornings would start

She was invisible to me
A ghost I touched
And those eyes that stared
Even when shut
Have never left me alone
Though I pray they would
Such memories have aged
And so they should

No, nothing has captured my heart
The way those mornings would start
No, nothing has come quite like her love
Though she fades between days
And disappears for months
I may never forget that morning light
The one that whispered goodbye to the night
Track Name: Silly Love (Daniel Johnston Cover)
I've come this far and I know I can make it
Got a broken heart and you can't break a broken heart
I come knocking at your door
You don't love me anymore
But I just can't qive up
Because I don't know what to do about it

You must be wrong if you think you don't love me
You can smile down, put a happy ending to my song
I come knocking at your door, you don't live there anymore
Is it just a memory? Or am I a little crazy for you?

If there's no love, I just can't believe it
Got a broken mind and only you can relieve it
I don't remember who you are
Are you someone that I saw?
But I really am confused
Only I think I still love you
Track Name: The Birds
I'm happy watching you
Making your mind up
Do you want me?
Well kind of

Been throwing rocks at your window
For years now
I've been patient and here's how

Oh, this body's a temple
And everything I own is yours to dismantle
You've sharpened your teeth, I see
And I just keep clipping my wings

But we're birds of a feather, I thought?

So now every stone that I threw
Has been turned
In your bedroom
Where we lay and wait for the word

My hands are full
My eyes are sore
My mind is occupied all the more
No matter what you do

But we're birds of a feather, I would have thought?
Track Name: The Comet
When you found me
Counting on my fingers
The little reasons
I looked into my empty hands and waved
I rode the comet as it hurtled toward the earth
And for a moment I thought it mightn't hurt

Oh, you found I was lying around, waiting to die, to die

Years have passed and no one speaks of us
My head can't place her when the name comes up
Who do you think you are?
You know, you haven't been right so far

Oh, you found I was waiting around for us to die, to die

Oh, its sad
I've been trying my hand
Hoping only to die, to die
Track Name: I Brought You A Beautiful Lemonade
Oh, my love
Why do you look so, so tired?
All my love
Will fall at your feet in time

I'm crossing my fingers, you're blue in the face
And your heart has never looked so red
You don't even know how beautiful you are, do you?

I sometimes forget
You're only trying to take my hand
You don't need to cry
You couldn't be more graceful if you tried
Now tell me what darkness you're capable of
And let's let it lie
I brought you a beautiful lemonade
Track Name: Beneath The Trees
Getting to know another
As one chases the other's smile
Like foxes in the grass
We cover mile, after mile, after mile

Moving lighter, faster on the toes
Making our way wherever our feet may go

You asked about my past as if you'd already known
I hung my head and I went quiet for a moment
But you took my hand
I looked up again
As you nestled close to me
Then I went to speak
But you touched my cheek
And you kissed me quietly
Beneath the trees
Beneath the trees